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Academic Critics Considered - Many people are too fast to blast academia for their political correctness, as it really does have some value in that it opens up lines of communication between diverse cultures.

Isnt It Time For You to Get the Online Degree From the Best University - Top jobs are like a lottery; you have to be ?In it? to win it.

Low Cost Thin Film Solar Panels - It's an exciting time for solar panels.

Using Satellite Radio Anomalies as a Defense Radar Grid for ICBM Attack - With all the satellite radio users out there and all the radio waves coming in perhaps we should use this as a background pattern like a radar grid.

Abatement of Active Chemicals in the Battlespace - As the paradigm of war and human conflict changes in the new modern battlespace, we will have to deal with more than just soldiers, tanks and aircraft from our enemy.

Human Buy In and Complexity Issues in Decision Matrix Software - Artificial Intelligence software has certainly come a long way and it is improving all the time.

Volcano the Movie Brought Up Some Serious Points - How do you protect human civilization from volcanoes? Is it possible to have ways to divert the flow? As we watch Mt.

Random Swarm Deformation and ReAlignment Strategies - When using swarming tactics in military operations and you come up against a barrage of fire, there are ways to minimize losses in the swarm to continue the mission.

Study Abroad Programs Why Every College Student Should Study Abroad - The benefits of studying abroad cannot be underestimated.

Trends in Material Sciences to Protect Space Endeavors - In 2005 NASA Scientists saw some huge solar storms and dangerous solar flares, during what is suppose to be a low point in the 22-year solar cycle.

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