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Using Satellite Radio Anomalies as a Defense Radar Grid for ICBM Attack

With all the satellite radio users out there and all the radio waves coming in perhaps we should use this as a background pattern like a radar grid. Thus if there is a disruption passing thru like an airliner, well we have a back up system in case our radar systems go down.If there is an unidentified flying object, which shows up as a disruption anomaly with this field in an area, which is not a known flight path trajectory for airlines or military then we should start tracking it; because it could indeed be a threat to our national security.Additionally using anomalies from several sources such as data coming back from high-tech weather satellites, Department of Defense radar systems and commercial satellite assets. No sense in launching an ICBM anti-missile at a meteorite coming in and burning up in the atmosphere or a piece of space junk falling out of low-orbit.We need to have multiple data sets to determine exactly what something is, exactly how fast it is traveling and exactly what threat it could potentially be.

By having more data, along with our top of the line super computers, we also can increase our kill rate chances of shooting down any potential threat. So I hope you will consider all this in 2006.

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