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Helping Your Child to Learn
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Helping Your Child to Learn

How To Get Parents Involved With School Activities
Research has repeatedly shown that children succeed academically, socially and emotionally and become more well-rounded and balanced individuals if their parents are involved in their education and school activities. Getting involved also sends the message to children that parents are genuinely interested in their education, and that going to school is a positive, valuable cause.
Home Schooling - The Best Choice!
You Control the Environment The major advantage to home schooling is that you control the environment. You choose the curriculum, you choose the pace. If your child is slow to understanding a concept, you have the freedom to allow the extra time your child needs to completely understand the topic.

Senior High Home Schooling: Help - My Child is Smarter than Me!
Yikes! My child is a genius and smarter than me! It's a scary thought, isn't it? But remember to stop and congratulate yourself and your child - be proud of the great job that you've done so far. A great resource for your 'genious' is to tap into the online home schooling resources. There are curriculums that can be purchased and completed online.

Preparing your child cognitively to read
The ultimate goal of reading instruction is to enable children to understand what they read, so reading instruction has to be about more than simply matching letters and sounds -- it also has to be about connecting words and meaning.

Playing An Active Role In Your Children's Homeschooling
Homeschooling is an option that many parents choose when they feel that, for whatever reason, their child will not be getting the best education in a public or private school system. Homeschooling allows for a variety of curriculum and teaching techniques to be applied that suit your child's particular needs - often that is unlikely to happen in a large classroom setting. One of the benefits - and also one of the difficulties - in homeschooling is the extreme amount of flexibility it affords. In order to homeschool successfully, it is important that you understand, and decide how to handle this conundrum.

Are You Considering Homeschooling?
In the past, only hippies, religious fanatics and anti-social sects homeschooled their children. Today homeschooling crosses all demographics, income levels, age levels, and religious beliefs. These parents all have one common thread: they feel that they can educate their children better than the government.

A Mother's Dilemma On Preschool Homework
Homework for preschoolers... what is your response to this practice? Well, let me first clarify what kind of homework I am referring to. It's the kind that requires a child to copy numerous pages of alphabets or words. And if the child is learning mandarin, it would be copying pages of chinese characters. With regards to this controversial issue, there seems to be 3 kinds of parents...

Back to School, Ways to help your children
The arrival of September and a new school year looms. For some this is a much-anticipated event bursting with excitement and bolstered by confidence. For others, there is apprehension and even dread. Parents can help their children prepare for school in several ways - while channeling their excitement or quelling some nerves.

A Superior Education For Your Child
Home-schooling provides children with a superior education. Parents can quickly teach most kids the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic using excellent, creative, learn-to-read, or learn-math books, programs, or computer learning software. Once children become proficient readers, they can then study subjects they love in greater depth. If a child needs help on a special subject, parents can occasionally call in a tutor.

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