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4 Parenting Styles
Every grandmother and grandfather will tell you hilarious stories of their children when they were first born. And for every funny and touching story they have, they will be able to tell you another for every hardship they encountered. Parenting is something that is done in many different ways by each parent. The following are four general styles employed by parents.

Finance Your Child's Education - Stress Free
In 2002, the average annual cost for a public university was $9,338. It is estimated that by 2017, the average annual cost will be $19,413. And that's just for tuition and credit fees. Let's not forget about room and board, books, food, clothes and extra activities.

Home Schooling; A Viable Alternative to Conventional Education
Statistics show that elementary home schooling is the ideal time to start a home schooling program for a child. Children who enter home schooling during the elementary years are the students that tend to succeed the most. Throughout the course of their home schooling, these children will reach the highest level of academics when compared to the national average. Additionally, students who start young, often find themselves three to four grade levels above that of their public school peers.

Why Are Homeschoolers Criticized 
Public school districts get money for each student enrolled and in attendance. Homeschooling is reducing their funds. Some district superintendents are genuinely concerned that homeschooled students are not learning essential skills because they are not being taught by professional educators. But their opposition is based on the loss of revenue, face and stature.

How To Get Your Kids To Speak Your Language
This country is made up of people from all over the world. We or our parents came from Latin countries. We now live here. We function in two different worlds, the American world and the world of our parents. All of us live in these two different worlds in different ways. Some of us were born in the countries our parents came from; others of us were born here. This makes a difference in how and how much we live in our two worlds.

Is Your "A" Student Getting C's?
Don't let your child slide by with C's when you know he or she could be getting A's. All children have untapped potential that parents can help bring out. Since students in the United States are in school fewer days and fewer hours than many other countries, this leaves many hours available for parents to step into a role far more influential than they might imagine. Education isn't just the teacher's job. A parent is a child's first teacher from birth to school age. Involved parents can make a difference in their child's success in school using some common sense approaches that are important to do.

Importance of Reading with your Child
Somebody once wrote, "By the Yard Life is Hard, by the Inch Life's a Cinch". Where do parents stand in the education of a child? Without their support and encouragement, learning would be impossible. I was talking with another 1st grade teacher and she was telling me that in order for a child to succeed they have to have three components working with them; the teacher, the student, and the parent. All three aspects have to be ready and willing to learning and/or participate in the learning for success to be achieved.

Students Worldwide Are Learning How To Excel In School From Home
Today, children are expected to earn high grades in all of their classes, in spite of the failing public school system. Parents can still remember when an education was essential in preparing children for their livelihood.

Homeschooling Can Take a Lot Less Time Than You Think�
The time you will need to teach your children the essentials -- reading, writing, and arithmetic -- is much less than you think. Let me quote author and former public-school teacher John Gatto from his wonderful book, Dumbing Us Down...

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