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Importance of Reading with your Child

Somebody once wrote, "By the Yard Life is Hard, by the Inch Life's a Cinch". Where do parents stand in the education of a child? Without their support and encouragement, learning would be impossible. I was talking with another 1st grade teacher and she was telling me that in order for a child to succeed they have to have three components working with them; the teacher, the student, and the parent. All three aspects have to be ready and willing to learning and/or participate in the learning for success to be achieved. By the Yard, life is hard, but with well-rounded help, life is a cinch. Reading and writing is the number one thing that children have difficulty with. These disciplines are so important because it sets the basis for a child's personality and self esteem in and out of the classroom.

Learning to read in the classroom presents less of a challenge for a student because of the resources. Some classrooms have online learning and tutoring, after school homework help, or reading recovery. Yet, if the student goes home and these resources are not implemented and reinforced, the child will fall behind in the classroom. I remember growing up my mother would read to me all the time. Now, as a mother of 2, I am reading to my children on a daily basis. It is not because of studies that show the importance of reading to your child, but it is something I have to do for my children. My children are educated just by sitting with them for 10 minutes and reading one book. Isn't it interesting that this in not done more in the home? It is understandable that parents are not able to read to their children, but if this is the case other options have to be implemented. An idea would be to hire an online tutor to read with your child or take them to the local library for reading time. Learning to read is so important in the self esteem of a child and can dictate a person's learning experience. Parents need to remember the importance of reading and place their child in an environment where reading is assessable at all time. Supporting and encouraging your child to read at home, on a daily basis, is the keystone to a successful learning education.

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