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Skirts for women trousers for men

Stereotypes are sometimes helpful in our lives. They present a system by which we can live easily. Also an easy-to-gauge archetype and if they are to strict they're closing people's thinking in schemes.

We are not open for a new ideas anymore and starting to believe that everything is black or white ? in fashion: for women or for man. Many women believes that tights were made specially for them and laugh if they partners start to wear them. Those women are wrong. In the beginnings of tights their only users were men. They not only invented them but till XIX century didn't let women to wear them.

At those times wearing tights was a sign of good birth, an element of man's aristocratic wardrobe. While closer to our times their range decreased and they become more popular and ordinary. Also a piece of women's wardrobes. If man wants to have warm clothes the only thing left are warm trousers. Women forget that they used to fought to wear man's trousers and ties.

One of the reason of this battle was to have a privilege to practical and comfortable clothes. In some aspects women and men are just the same ? it's a willing to have comfort, stay healthy and safe. According to that the stereotype that the real man doesn't wear scarves is only a slogan. Because the reality is totally different. When it's cold also a man needs to stay warm no matter what the weather. That's why they appreciate wearing scarves.

For example cashmere scarf or shawl also gives a finish to a 'look', pleasure in it's unique touch. Mens scarves are usually in different colors than women's one and the only shinny scarves might not look good on a man's neck. What about skirts? The classic one are still tend to be worn only by women. The stereotype that man are only wearing trousers is so strong in our culture that we can't free from that. And are we forgetting about Asian culture where men are wearing kimonos and Scottish culture where every man has it's own kilt? Perhaps it isn't a totally good example (real kilt-lovers might feel offended when putting kilt into the same basket with skirts, and also those piece of clothes are connected to a particular culture) but this may show that also man may look good not only in trousers-shape clothes.

Every year brings a new revolution in fashion. And after time those revolutions are becoming natural ? but first they must break the rules and stereotype thinking.


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