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Silk bedding

Silk bedding like silk pillowcases and silk sheets are considered the ultimate in luxury and comfort. People often assume that pure silk bedding is nothing more than a luxury. Apart from being lightweight and comfortable, pure silk bedding has a lot to offer in terms of comfort and health.

Pure silk bedding provides a superior sleeping experience New age bedding is usually a blend of synthetic and natural fibres, making the bedding 'thicker' and bulkier. Pure silk bedding is capable of moulding itself according to the sleeper's body contours and helps provide a superior sleeping experience. In fact, people all over the world find pure silk bedding so light that they claim sleeping on pure silk bedding is like 'floating on air'. Until recently, pure silk bedding was considered a luxury only the rich and famous of the world could afford. Pure silk bedding regulates body temperature Silk is a natural insulator and is ideal for both cold and warm climates. In fact, silk has been used as an insulating material in clothing for centuries.

Compared to wool, silk is lighter and far less bulky. In fact, silk's absorbency has made it an ideal material for sports clothing. Pure silk bedding is capable of keeping a person warm in winters and cool in the summers (something very few materials can boast of offering).

Pure silk bedding is hypo allergic Although silk does tend to get 'charged' easily, it is not susceptible to collect dust and other allergy causing substances. Unlike cotton, silk is tightly woven and there is very little chance of microscopic allergy causing materials 'wedging' themselves between the fabrics. Pure silk bedding is ideal for people that are suffering from asthma or people that want to keep their homes as hypo allergic as possible. Pure silk bedding is resistant to biological agents like mites and moulds Pure silk bedding is resistant to dust mites and other biological agents like yeast and moulds.

In fact, the reason why silk was considered an ideal material for bandages was because of its low susceptibility to biological agents and high absorbance. The Chinese believe that silk sheets and silk clothing can help a person keep himself free from various skin conditions and also prevent everyday allergies. Since silk is essentially a naturally occurring protein, the Chinese believe that silk can help people keep their skin healthier and also lead a much healthier lifestyle. Pure silk bedding can also help prevent vascular sclerosis, relieve itchy skin and assist in preventing arthritis due to its hypo allergic nature. Contrary to popular belief, pure silk bedding does not require expensive laundry and most pure silk bedding can be laundered at home.

Although most pure silk bedding manufacturers recommend dry cleaning of their bedding, home owners can purchase special detergents that are designed for silk and clean their silk bedding at home. People also have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to silk, and pure silk bedding is available in various textures and colours. For pure silk bedding visit www.


Rob Simon is the author of this article on Pure silk pillowcases. Find more information about Pure silk duvet covershere.

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