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Volcano the Movie Brought Up Some Serious Points

How do you protect human civilization from volcanoes? Is it possible to have ways to divert the flow? As we watch Mt. Saint Helens fill its lava dome in 2006, we watch the spill over of lava ignite small fires and eventually this will cause wildfires and those are dangerous as they can become out of control.With an active Volcano starting fires, this also removes the watershed and can lead to future mudslides, avalanche and floods below. As we look at the most active volcanoes in Mexico, Guatemala and Central America we see these scenarios play out year after year during decades of volcanic activity.

We must have a plan for such things and be thinking ahead.When there is a lava dome filling such as Mt. St. Helens we need to harvest the trees and clear a path for the lava flow as it spills over the top.

We do not want to clear a big area because we do not want to take the weight off of the top for a high-release escape but the over flow needs to be diverted away from where it might cause wildfires which could threaten civilization or make things worse.If a channel for the lava is cleared then we can control the flow and divert it. If not we watch and wait and chance our luck and risk devastation, loss of property and the potential eventuality of death. Think on this in 2006.

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