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Trends in Material Sciences to Protect Space Endeavors

In 2005 NASA Scientists saw some huge solar storms and dangerous solar flares, during what is suppose to be a low point in the 22-year solar cycle. There was damage to some satellites and the ISS International Space Station was on high alert. Many Satellite companies were also on edge knowing that their multi-million dollar communications systems were in danger of damage or complete failure.

Space radiation is a serious problem for astronauts, space colonies, space stations and future space travelers. Without adequate protection from space radiation, long-term multi-generational space exploration flights will not be possible.In 2006 new materials will be introduced which will inhibit space radiation. New coatings will also solve these issues to protect systems from harm and decay of habitats, equipment and electronics in space.

New designs of space colonies will include water storage supplies between the human occupants and the outside. Titanium will be mined on the moon and plans will be brought forth to make spaceship skin of this metal to prevent the space radiation from affecting the crew. Scientists will continue to make elements, which do not exist here on Earth but are thought to be stable once created, which will be able to protect against radiation due to their high period table numbers. Think on this in 2006.

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