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Academic Critics Considered

Many people are too fast to blast academia for their political correctness, as it really does have some value in that it opens up lines of communication between diverse cultures. The critics of academia claim that it is so liberal biased that it shades reality and thus any solution, which comes out of academia, is automatically skewed to that liberal viewpoint.Indeed all these criticism is true, but we also should realize that at least you now have the exact counter argument to the point from that liberal biased, far-end out in left field ridiculous motif.

And well, you need that view too in order to address this liberal trash and crap they put out.Generally it should be evident that their comments are utterly useless and their tenure needs the budget axe, yet without them there, we would not have a broader perspective. So, whereas they close out the reality for a blind Utopian Dream World, it is good to see their perspective, even if they refuse to see yours. This gives you the upper hand in debate as they spew their minutia all over taxpayer paid reports that they call research? Silly hokum indeed, no doubt and yes I concur it is unbelievable sometimes what these people will sign their names too.We must hold academic research to a higher standard and make sure their research is not skewed or that they do not customize their data to prove their liberal viewpoint and when they do we must make mention of it and set the record and research straight.

And that is fair for all concerned. Consider this in 2006.

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