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Abatement of Active Chemicals in the Battlespace

As the paradigm of war and human conflict changes in the new modern battlespace, we will have to deal with more than just soldiers, tanks and aircraft from our enemy. There are also issues with chemicals being used in war and although we have not seen chemicals be used to this degree for almost 100 years, you can expect that the Middle Eastern civilizations will indeed use chemical warfare as an offensive and a defensive weapon of war.Once the chemicals are dispersed they must be cleaned up and any left is a potential hazard for our soldiers and our team. Cleaning chemicals in the battlespace is not an easy proposition, but it is very serious and must be done absolutely correctly to the letter of protocol. Just because you are wearing chemical suits does not mean you are safe.

Eventually got chemical suit will come off, yet those chemicals may be all over equipment and the weapons you will be using.Additionally if you have set up a base camp all the tents, ground and groundwater now has deadly chemicals on it. More research must be done into the abatement of tactical active chemicals in the modern battlespace. Otherwise, you will have a huge problem with all of your personnel, as you seek to find and engage to the enemy.

Chemicals in the battle space are deadly and we need to figure out a way to abate these chemicals and perhaps consider using them on our enemy to slow them down or kill them before they kill us. Consider this in 2006.

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