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Random Swarm Deformation and ReAlignment Strategies

When using swarming tactics in military operations and you come up against a barrage of fire, there are ways to minimize losses in the swarm to continue the mission. Why is this important? Well, in the future swarm tactics will be used more often especially as UAV unmanned aerial vehicles and robotic fighting units are at work. Since no humans are involved you can sacrifice a few units as decoys to draw fire or to take hits to protect the integrity of the "killer bee" type swarm formation as you bear down on your primary target to insure success of the mission or task.One thing to consider in swarm formation maneuvers is that if you enemy expects such a strategy they will send a barrage of fire or rapid-fire munitions or a pulse weapon into your center mass.

However if you re-align and configure your center mass to allow a missile or delivery device thru the center then you can most likely allow it to pass thru the center and miss all the swarm individual units? How so you ask?.Well consider having your center mass swarm region swirl into a vortex with the energy available from the swarm itself or the added synergistic flow of energy. As a component of the swarm some of the individual units will have sensors warning of incoming weapons and will either assign suicide units to take the hit or use their artificial intelligent programs to consider trajectory and possible evading of the incoming weapon with the least de-configuration of the swarm to maintain forward speed and efficiency, allowing a pass thru.Although the deformation as it occurs will appear random in nature, it will not be, as it is calculated by the sensors on the net-centric mobile command units in-charge of swarm formation.

Perhaps the swarm will have one in one-hundred units with this capability out of thousands of over all units, thus if one goes caput then the others can re-space themselves for maximum strategic positioning for fastest detection of future incoming targets. Consider this in 2006.

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