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Human Buy In and Complexity Issues in Decision Matrix Software

Artificial Intelligence software has certainly come a long way and it is improving all the time. As we finally watched Big Blue beat a human master chess player, one can only imagine the ability of future artificial intelligent software, its complexity and issues with trust. Will humans accept orders from an artificial intelligent computer program? Will war fighters be willing to follow the orders of a Computer General using such decision matrix software to send the "blue force" into battle. Will Commanders using such software in the future battlespace with his or her future fighting force trust the answers, which come back from queries of logistics and tactics? Will they be willing to risk lives on those decisions?.Will the complexity or lack of in the decisions, which are made cause an incremental increase in trust between human and computer? If the average intellectually endowed human mind can make decisions relatively easy up to 13 actions of criteria, as the human mind seems to do fine up until that number, will human commanders choose their own minds over the answers coming from a computer? Will the Human Being check their hunches against the decision matrix calculator?.Will the human enabled commander with such a system perform and work with the artificial intelligent system to compliment his or her ability or inherently move to compete against it? If the system is readily used to make simple decisions will it be respected? If the decision is too complicated will it be not understood and called into question? Currently humans trust their calculators, computers, watches and GPS systems; will the artificial intelligent decision matrix computers go thru a similar and very short process in their implementation? Think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow

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