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Abatement Clouds to Curb Air Pollution - Is there a way to abate air pollution in mid flight as it is suspended in our atmosphere blown by the wind throughout our civilization, across the oceans and back again? Some say that there is a way to collect CO2 in our atmosphere using ionic bon.

Engineering and Toy Making - Dear Parents, have you noticed all the cool toys lately on the shelves at Wal-Mart? Isn?t amazing the level of sophistication and engineering? I means some of these toys are very high-tech, especially the remote control, flying toys; which hover,.

Other Intelligent Life How Will We Communicate When We Find Them - Most people who have given the idea any reality based rational thought that there is indeed life on other Worlds would stand to reason that there would be intelligent life as well.

Abatement Cluster Strategies for Nano Weapon Bio Warfare Cleanup - Human history has shown that our species can be a significant problem for our selves and our environment as we draw our swords against ourselves.

Why Do You Need a Degree - Right now you are probably talking to your friends about whether to go to college or to meet the world head on and start to earn some money.

Acoustic Surface Wave Diffraction for High Energy Laser Defense Shields - High Energy Laser weapons are now here, that?s right Star Wars laser type combat is coming to a Net-Centric Battlespace near you.

Android Robotic Companions and Aging Issues - Wouldn?t it be great to have the perfect friend, but what if your best friend was not human or a dog? What if your best friend was an artificially intelligent android robot? You can order your robotic android with a personality and pleasing faci.

Space Radiation the Big Killer - The future of space flight, exploration and even the future of commercialization of space for space mining, space tourism and research depend on solving one very important issue.

Power Cells As Alternative To Oil - As oil and gasoline prices rise, much hay is being made regarding the possibilities of power cells as a solution to our oil addictions.

Attempting the Multiple Choice Questions MCQ in Entrance Exam - Like it or not, Multiple Choice Tests formats are now being universally adapted for testing Student IQ and knowledge in a particular subject.

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