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Acoustic Surface Wave Diffraction for High Energy Laser Defense Shields

High Energy Laser weapons are now here, that's right Star Wars laser type combat is coming to a Net-Centric Battlespace near you. Chemical Laser Weapons will work at very high speeds and to prevent them from taking out our military assets we will need to develop defense shields for our ICBMs, Stealth Aircraft, Ships, Tanks and infantry personal. But you say why bother, we are the only nation with high-energy laser weapons.

Why do we need defense shields for these units? Well because any one who studies warfare modern or ancient knows that whatever weapons you have today your potential adversary will have tomorrow. This means you must continually come up with new weapons and counter your enemies or potential enemies newest weapons.Currently Israel has the THEL, a ground based high-energy laser weapon and they are anticipating selling them to the Chinese. Both our allies indeed, that is today. Indeed in the future these nations may share these technologies with nations who are not necessarily our allies, but they are their allies currently.

This happens all the time and is a reality of Machiavellian truths. This is before we consider the spy game where secrets are stolen or bartered to the highest bidder thru espionage or traitorous acts. I therefore propose that we begin development of an acoustic surface wave diffraction shield to defend our military assets against enemy High Energy Laser Weapons. Consider this in 2006.

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