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Abatement Cluster Strategies for Nano Weapon Bio Warfare Cleanup

Human history has shown that our species can be a significant problem for our selves and our environment as we draw our swords against ourselves. It is a tragedy of human evolution that our large brains could not get past the chaos in controversy and conflict of human political groupings.Perhaps in the past this might have been able to help mankind control its population without overtaxing the environment for their food.

But now as we grow crops and are much more efficient in our overall civilizations we need to find a way to limit our population growth while at the same time utilizing our resources more efficiently. But until this happens and until human wars stop happening, which will probably be within the next hundred years, we will be facing more and more powerful weapons being created by humans.Among these weapons will be bio warfare weapons and humans have been known to use these in the past. In fact in the Middle East they are quite resourceful with sarin gas.

In the future Nano weapons at the molecular level will become bio system hazards able to kill entire armies very quickly. We need a way to abate these chemicals after the attack so that humans can move back into the area.We need a set of protocol procedures and strategies to insure that we can cleanup the messes that human wars cause. I propose a cluster strategy for the mop up and abatement of Nano weapon bio warfare material and we need to assign the top biological universities and grant them money for their research and development departments to study the best way to strategically remove and abate Nano bio warfare weapons, chemicals and biological WMD.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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