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Abatement Clouds to Curb Air Pollution

Is there a way to abate air pollution in mid flight as it is suspended in our atmosphere blown by the wind throughout our civilization, across the oceans and back again? Some say that there is a way to collect CO2 in our atmosphere using ionic bonding charge techniques.Once collected the CO2 could be used for something else, separated out and the oxygen released or even used to fire lasers to propel generators to make electricity? Wow, that would be cool and just if we had a plan to use Abatement techniques to curb Air Pollution? Well, I think there is a way and we could in fact make such a Science Fiction type scheme a reality and a possibility. How so you ask?.

Well I propose using electromagnetic terminal gradient clouds with a specific ionic charge and these Abatement Clouds would attract the CO2 flowing around them and capture these molecules to take them out of the air and help us to Curb Air Pollution.Once the clouds became saturated a large blimp would fly over them and then descend through the cloud and release its hydrogen gas while collecting the CO2 from the bottom. The heavier gas collected, as it filled the blimp would lower it gently back to Earth where we could remove the gas and use it again.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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