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Engineering and Toy Making

Dear Parents, have you noticed all the cool toys lately on the shelves at Wal-Mart? Isn't amazing the level of sophistication and engineering? I means some of these toys are very high-tech, especially the remote control, flying toys; which hover, have rocket engines or fly with such ease? It almost appears if a whole bunch of engineers got fed up with the boom and bust cycles of the aerospace industry and chucked it all to do something totally fun; make toys.Why is this so intriguing? Well for one if you think of the cost of all the other stuff we buy and the cost of modern technology, you have to laugh, because you can buy a toy scale model which works better per scale the real latest model fighter planes, UAVs, submarines and military ships? Well, then why not put some of these toy making engineers back to work building stuff a lot cheaper than the cost to build them now.You see I have been watching battlespace Unmanned Aerial Vehicles get smaller and smaller and eventually they will be the size of insects? Well why pay so much for something so small when a toy designer hot shot, who has been designing toys for the last 10-years already has worked out through trial and error all the stability and control issues? Why not hear what I am saying in an abstract sense and well, consider this in 2006.

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