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Android Robotic Companions and Aging Issues

Wouldn't it be great to have the perfect friend, but what if your best friend was not human or a dog? What if your best friend was an artificially intelligent android robot? You can order your robotic android with a personality and pleasing facial features. Only one problem with robots they never get old, but you will!.As you get older you will want your robotic companion to also get older and perhaps get upgrades.

You will also want it to move slower, talk slower and react slower to fit your delicate human aging. Indeed, the robot when it goes in for repairs, upgrades or new systems, perhaps you will wish to adjust its personality and facial features.For those researchers, scientists and designers of consumer based electronic artificially intelligent robotic androids; they will need to be acutely aware of the needs of the marketplace. Humans do not stay young forever, thus neither can their companion and domestic family robots.Aging wrinkles and sagging facial features must be added in all standard equipment for all domestic family robots and personal companion androids. Change into hair to gray is the easy part, but adjusting the program to mimic a person and old age may be quite another issue and perhaps a challenge for robotic designers.

Consider this in 2006.

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