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The Japanese Newest Bullet Train - Perhaps you have not heard the Japanese now have a bullet train that exceeds 250 mph.

Acidic Rivers and Corrosion Issues - Acid Rain is a pretty big issue indeed and as the rivers, streams and fresh water lakes become more acidic not only will it take out water fowl, fish life and destroy the eco-system, but it will also cause man-made objects to corrode faster and th.

Summer A Time For Learning - Summertime for college students is looked at as a time to relax and party for most students.

Testing Honey Bees and the Affects of Sound - Bees do a lot of buzzing don?t they? And we are not sure why they do this, but it seems to be more than just because their wings flap at 230 beats per second.

How To Pay For Your Online Degree - College can be expensive.

Living in a Past Period in a Virtual Reality Dream - In the future virtual reality may be so real that it will be indistinguishable from actual real-life.

Killer Bee Swarming Signals and Directional Sound Devices - Can we stop a killer bee swarm by disrupting their swarming signal with a directional sound beam? One think tank member in an online think tank believes so.

Testing Insect Swarm Sound Wave Devices in Your Garage - Is it possible to stop a swarm of locusts or bees using sound waves? Could this be tested in your garage? Does your garage have enough power outlet to do it? How could you test to see if you could stop a swarm of insects using basic tools for your.

Lower Jet Stream to Blow Locust Plagues Away - Is it possible to use ELF Extremely Low Frequencies to lower the jet stream and blow away locust plagues in North America? Indeed it is possible for jet streams to touch the ground although rare and it is possible that 200 plus mile an hour winds.

Sea Shell Sound Strategies Studied - Have you ever noticed that sea shells have an interesting sound when you blow air thru them? Why is this? Yes we no this is because of the shape, however many times in nature things have a purpose beyond that which is observed; so, what is the p.

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