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Testing Insect Swarm Sound Wave Devices in Your Garage

Is it possible to stop a swarm of locusts or bees using sound waves? Could this be tested in your garage? Does your garage have enough power outlet to do it? How could you test to see if you could stop a swarm of insects using basic tools for your experiment and doing it in your garage?.Well perhaps in such a minor experiment you could set up a confined area like a child's crawl tube, the kind you buy at Toys R Us or Wal-Mart? On a larger scale you could try this in a bigger confined area such as Osama bin Laden's cave.You use an acoustic device to send wave after wave build up and if that cave stops, god help the person standing at the dead end of that cave, their head would explode and their ears would bleed. We know there is sound build up because kids in lowered cars with massive stereo speakers can blow the windows right out and at car shows even cause the whole car to bounce.If you hook the garage experiment up to a 220 outlet to speakers which can take the amps and set your circuit breakers on a high tripping point in your garage well you should be able to get the power you need directed inside a kids toy tunnel. If you have bees in the little tunnel toy for kids most of the sound would stay inside the tunnel mostly and if the sound was directional in nature, the special device you are talking about then it would build up.

But back to your minor experiment if you have these bees flying thru a tube and you use directional sound in that tube with pulses, the sound on top of the sound waves on top of the sound waves will affect the bees don't you think? And if you put it down the center they would avoid it flying around the edges and if you put it to the right, well bees are not stupid; they would fly to the left and adapt. Or bee controlled into a direction of flight of your choosing avoiding the sound waves. Perhaps this is how to test an acoustic sound device on an insect swarm? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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