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Summer A Time For Learning

Summertime for college students is looked at as a time to relax and party for most students. Some students take the opportunity to do more important things with their summers but not enough of the do. Not all college students realize that learning is not all about what you learn in the classroom but it is also about what you learn on your own.

Students should take the summer to not only work a full-time job but to also become an expert in their field.If your major is nursing you should search the internet for nursing related forums and read nursing books so that you can become an expert in that area. If you are interested in owning your own business then you should find business forums on the internet and read great entrepreneur magazines such as Inc. and Entrepreneur.

Self education can not only aid a person at becoming an expert in their field but it could also improve confidence and creativity. In many cases you will find that the best learning you can get is outside of college. College is more for building teamwork and communication skills rather than learning.So this summer when you are sitting around with nothing to do, go to the library or hop on the internet, you will be surprised what you find.

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By: Andre Bias

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