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Lower Jet Stream to Blow Locust Plagues Away

Is it possible to use ELF Extremely Low Frequencies to lower the jet stream and blow away locust plagues in North America? Indeed it is possible for jet streams to touch the ground although rare and it is possible that 200 plus mile an hour winds would certainly take care of a swarm of insects.Perhaps such an ability to lower the jet stream could sway migratory birds with human stains of bird flu to pick another route or be blown off course? We could do this although it might take a lot of power to bounce the extremely low frequency waves off the ionosphere at that rate.Now then if we could do this, we could also take out a Hurricane couldn't we? Or push back a wildfire to areas it has already burned? The ability to raise and lower the jet stream is a worthy pursuit. If pollution got to bad in let's say Los Angeles, you simply divert all air-traffic for an hour or so and blow the pollution away with a jet stream push thru at approximately 3000 feet above ground level and this it would suck out all the pollution.

Back to the Locust Swarms; by modification of the jet stream in areas near to locust plagues, just a couple of minutes of 200 mph winds would completely take out the whole swarm and scatter them taking them hours to regroup. An hour of 200 mph winds might be enough to completely stop them entirely? Consider this Sci Fi thought and think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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