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Acidic Rivers and Corrosion Issues

Acid Rain is a pretty big issue indeed and as the rivers, streams and fresh water lakes become more acidic not only will it take out water fowl, fish life and destroy the eco-system, but it will also cause man-made objects to corrode faster and this means underground water mains, house pipes and an assortment of other things such as dams, barges, boats, docks, stilts and diversionary channel infrastructures and drainage ditches.How serious is this really? Well many scientists say that the pollution and the green house affect will get progressively worse in the future and since this maybe the case that means more acid rain and more acid rain run off. So indeed in the long-term future it will be an issue. Indeed additional corrosion and ion-oxides, heavy metals, etc will be released into the fresh water supply and this will exacerbate the problem, as some believe.What causes high acidity in the streams, rivers and lakes? Well high CO2 content in the atmosphere causes acid rain and when it accumulates and runs-off into the streams and rivers the Ph level will change and that can cause huge issues for other things and it is something we need to deal with.

Already many statues and older buildings are showing increasing wear from acid rain and scientists predict it will only get worse. This is a real problem but if the acidity gets to be too much we could put acidity collectors into storm drains, which in turn could be used as batteries to power up the street lights so be thinking of this in 2006.

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