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Vibrators for Beginners

Contrary to popular belief, the world's oldest dildo is believed to be a siltstone 20-centimeter phallus from the Upper Palaeolithic period. The Egyptians are believed to have used dildos nearly 2,500 years ago and English literature is filled with references of sex toys. Modern day dildos are available in a variety of materials and finishes. Modern day dildos are designed to offer maximum pleasure, and are operated using electricity or battery power. Vibrators are nothing more than dildos that use electricity to vibrate and increase the pleasure experienced by users.

There are two popular types of vibrators available in the market today: Electric powered vibrators Electric powered vibrators are designed to be plugged into to a regular wall socket, and are much more powerful than battery operated vibrators. In addition, electric powered vibrators are usually designed for external stimulation (due to their increased power) and are usually recommended for 'experienced' users. Battery operated vibrators Battery operated vibrators are the most widely sold vibrators in the world. Not only are battery operated vibrators ideal for internal use, they also allow easy storage, and can be used without an electricity socket. In addition, battery operated vibrators are cheaper than electric powered vibrators and offer much more variety.

One of the most popular vibrators available in the market is the rabbit vibrator. The rabbit vibrator is a recent product that is designed for maximum pleasure. The rabbit vibrator is one of the few vibrating and rotating vibrators in the world, and is so called as it has a small attachment for clitoral stimulation.

The additional attachment gives the vibrator a rabbit ear like look and hence the name rabbit vibrator. The rabbit vibrator has become a popular sex toy with women all over the world, and was also featured on the HBO series Sex and the City. Who can use a vibrator? Contrary to popular belief, vibrators are not used only by single women. Vibrators are used by men and even couples use vibrators to spice up a monotonous sexual relationship. Anyone looking for sexual stimulation or someone who is curious about vibrators can consider buying a vibrator.

Since vibrators are made from a variety of different materials, it is important to buy vibrators that are made from quality materials and are hypo allergic in nature. What to look for while buying a vibrator The biggest mistake women make while buying a vibrator is buying a vibrator that is too large. It is always a good idea to buy a vibrator that will be pleasurable and not produce an uncomfortable feel.

In addition, it is recommended that women buy a vibrator that is constructed from quality materials and is free from any health hazards whatsoever. While buying a rabbit vibrator, always look for a vibrator that is ideally suited for your body and is not uncomfortable. 'Top Vibrators' is run by a team of women determined to research, find and enjoy the best vibrators on the market. To buy a vibrator online, visit www.topvibrators.com.

Laura Dillon is the author of this article on Vibrators for Beginners. Find more information about All the Best Vibrators here.

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