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US Navy Submarines Which Fly

So often we see kids toys, which convert from a robot to a space ship or from a hot rod car to a robot. These toys are cool and kids love them indeed. Lego makes some interchangeable type toys like this and so do many other name brand companies like Hasbro.

Why do kids like these toys so much? Hard to say, but it does bring up a point as engineers blur the line between categories of fighting vehicles. For instance AUVs or autonomous underwater vehicles which are robotic min-submarines with no people in them which can do surveillance or become a single mission destroying unit like a torpedo if the target is high-value enough and makes sense to expend that amount of money to take out.We also now have single mission UAVs which are unmanned aerial vehicles which are actually flying bombs and will loiter for hours until they find a target, if no target is found then they will come back and land and try again.

The military has flying seaplanes and they have ships, which are part submarine and they have submarines, which are part boat and landing craft as well.In the future we will need Manta Ray Type fighters and interceptors which are based under the ocean and are flying submarines, able to shoot out of the water like Manta Rays, hit the after burners and fly like a bat out of hell. We must spend the Research and Development monies now to make this simple idea a reality so that we can protect the American People, our great nation and those who are our friends and allies. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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