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Trends in Robotic Parking Garages

In many countries robotic parking structures are much more common than in the United States which is very interesting since Americans own more cars and vehicles per capita than in any place in the First World. Our land is also very expensive and this too makes one wonder why there are not more parking structures in the United States of America. In places like Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, NYC, Miami, Seattle, Chicago, well one has to ask where are the robotic parking structures.

Surely without the space in the middle where the cars drive you can get another one-third to two cars more into the parking structure, as all that space is completely wasted. So far in the United States there are only a handful of Robotic Parking structures, but with the real estate prices the way they are in most downtown areas this will change. In Hoboken, NJ there is a very successful debut of a robotic parking structure and it is applauded by users, the Mayor and the economic development district director, as a sign of being progressive.Indeed and we will see more of these robotic parking structures in the future as the trend in 2006 propels the concept into the future. As robotics become more and more accepted and downtown real estate more tight, there will be no choice for property owners than to take a good hard look at these robotic parking structures and their space, cost savings and efficiencies.

Expect to see many more being built in 2006 and beyond. Think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow

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