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Trends in Autonomous Underwater Vehicles AUVs

In 2005 we witnessed researchers and scientists come out with new designs and applications for AUVs Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and Underwater ROVs Remotely Operated Vehicles. Some still call AUVs; UUVs or Unmanned Underwater Vehicles. All of which had significant advances in 2005.

ROVs for instance proved their self worth in rescuing Russian Submersible crewmembers who were stuck under an underwater cable and running out of oxygen. AUVs assisted in the New Orleans Hurricane Katrina Disaster and Solar Powered AUVs are currently working with bio-remediation and environmental clean up teams in Lake Ponchartrain.At MIT Marine Lab researchers and Grad Students put together robotic fish using polymer muscles and skeletal actuators, which powered the AUVs like a fish wiggling thru the water.

The United States Navy and the US Coast Guard ordered many unmanned autonomous vehicles for underwater surveillance of shipyards, harbors and coastlines. These units will also be used to guard the Navy fleet from underwater enemy submarine threats as well. In 2006 we will see major contracts awarded to defense contractors using net-centric systems including AUVs to patrol our coastlines.We will see AUVs, which are self recharging from the sun and from underwater wave motion generators which will be omni-present. We will see more monitoring of volcanic vents and studying of deep see creatures that the world has never seen with incredible video footage that will put previous undersea science fiction movies to shame.

All this in 2006.

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