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Tips On Purchasing Loose Cut Diamonds

Purchasing loose diamonds can be an effective diamond buying strategy for both cost and quality. Loose cut diamonds refer to diamonds that have already been cut and polished, but have not been placed in any particular type of setting yet, such as a ring. If you are buy loose cut diamonds, you will then have the ability to place the diamonds in a variety of settings after your purchase.

By focusing first on the diamond, you will be able to get the best quality diamond for your money. A diamond will usually be characterized by the four c's: carat weight, clarity, color, and cut. While caret weight is a consideration, don't make the mistake of focusing solely on size. Shopping for loose cut diamonds based strictly based on carat weight would be similar to purchasing an appliance based just on capacity, without considering the features and styling that would work best to fit your needs. The other diamond characteristics can greatly impact the look of your diamond even more than the carat weight. Another important consideration is clarity, which refers to the number and type of flaws that are found in the diamond.

Unfortunately, clarity is very difficult to judge accurately, as most flaws are only visible under a microscope. You can ask a variety of jewelers to point out the flaws in a variety of stones, using a microscope, until you can judge for yourself. However, since most people will be admiring your diamond with their naked eye, you can usually rule out loose cut diamonds with flaws that are clearly visible, and not worry too much about microscopic flaws.

Diamonds come in a variety of colors, but for a traditional, non-colored diamond, the clearer the better. Although you will be purchasing loose cut diamonds, it is good to have an idea about what type of setting you will have your diamonds in. If you plan on mounting the stones in white-gold or platinum, the whiter diamonds will be much more effective. Yellow metals, like gold, will be much more forgiving to more of yellow-colored diamonds.

The cut of your loose diamonds is perhaps the most important consideration. The cut will determine, to a large extent, the brilliance of your diamonds, and also suggest the best diamond setting. A brilliant cut usually has triangular facets that surround the stone, leading to what is a flat top, or often called a table.

These differ from the more traditional emerald or step cuts, but provide the shiniest diamonds available. Purchasing loose cut diamonds can be a jewelry investment that lasts a lifetime. By spending some time familiarizing yourself with the many choices before your purchase, you be a much more informed consumer. Your diamonds will then be available for a variety of creative settings.

Amy Wells is a diamond lover and aficionado. Looking for diamond buying tips? Find up-to-date information and ideas at: http://www.diamonds.besthobbyresource.com.

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