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Tefal Actifry Reviews

Now the Tefal ActiFry brings back the wonderful taste, without the guilt. With a large viewing window so you can oversee the cooking, and a non-stick, removeable bowl for easy cleaning, the ActiFry is convenient and easy to use. The versatile Actifry allows you to cook a range of foods including meat, fish, stir fried vegetables, frozen chips and more.

I purchased the Tefal Actifry recently & I am really impressed with it, the chips are marvellous. The Actifry can also be used for cooking frozen chips, scampi, chicken drumsticks, stir-fried vegetables and lots more besides - recipe book included An odourless filter keeps your kitchen fresh, and you can check on progress through the viewing window And because there aren't a couple of pints of boiling oil being used I'm confident enough to just set it tumbling and go and watch TV/read a book/work on my opera while it does its stuff. To put the oil on I use a plastic food container that I keep permamently topped up with oil plus salt and pepper and shake them around. You can spice up your chips with paprika, herbs, or curry powder added to the oil before you sprinkle it on.

You can even use the oil of your choice from olive oil to rapeseed oil. That's right boys and girls if you deep fry properly the food absorbs very little oil. A specially-designed paddle gently and slowly rotates the chips around a removable, aluminium non-stick pan, ensuring each potato baton is coated with a fine mist of oil. On the bad side it is pretty noisy and takes up about a foot by a foot and half of bench space but it's so easy to keep clean I just stow it in it's box on top of the cupboard when I'm not using it. well it is rather large, will take up room on your worktop and in your cupboard but it will be worth it. It is not HUGE but slightly larger than a conventional domestic chip fryer.

That one spoonful is 100 times less than a traditional deep fat fryer, which not only means that your food is substantially more healthy, but it is also more economical and is also 100% safe, unlike some traditional methods of frying. I do not like deep fat fryers so have previously relied on oven chips or baked my own chips in the oven, until this great item came along. I was sick of the disgusting smell from all my previous deep fat fryers and came across this wonderful gadget.

Review the Tefal Actifry before you buy

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