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Stopping Locust Plagues Is It Possible

Can mankind stop locust plagues and swarms using a sound wall? Should we try? Well we have a lot to gain if it works do we not? Sure we do, think of the devastation these Locust Plagues cause our species? Can we build a sound wall that the insects will not wish to cross? Or is the sound they make so intense that we cannot create sound at such volumes as they produce as they thunder across the lands like a freight train?.But if we could stop them by making sound walls they would stop flying and fall to the ground and begin cannibalize. The biggest issues as you know and as stated by the World Bank, UN commission on farming in the third world and the issues with droughts is that feeding the 6.6 Billion and growing human populations will mean such Locust Swarms and Plague disruption could push an already starving human population to the brink.Many farmers are using sound emitters to send birds away and this can be used to keep bird migrations with potential N1H5 Bird Flu away from regional wildlife birds and chicken farms, as that is about the last thing we need isn't it. Sending insects away is only a matter of discovering the proper harmonic, which is annoying or overwhelmingly signaling their systems away or to something else.

I say collect the locust swarms and use them for protein to eat or for feed. But that is a whole other topic? Consider all this in 2006.

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