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Space Radiation to Power Up Space Station and Long Term Exploration Capsules

Is there a way to solve the space radiation problem, which is of concern for human life and Long space station stays or long-term space flight while also allowing for the production of energy for the space station or space capsule? I believe there is and would suggest the use of carbon nano tube, layered construction.Where each carbon nano tube was configured in a cylinder, honeycomb geometric shape, with H20 water molecules inside. The water would prevent the space radiation problem, as it would block the radiation and then the cleanup of the water molecules from the radiation could provide heat energy for the space station or the space capsule.Remember that carbon nano tube construction can also conduct electricity and the vibration all the water molecules inside the carbon nano tube construction could be captured and used also. Carbon nano tube construction is also desired because of its strength low weight too.

In the near future, less than a decade carbon nano tube construction will be feasible and the cost will be brought down to a level that the return on investment makes sense for its use in our space program for just about everything.If we can build our space habitats, space stations and long-term space capsules out of carbon nano tube construction we will be light years away in preventing space radiation from killing our astronauts and improve the useful life of the materials we use currently. Consider this in 2006.


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