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Signs of an Online Degree Scam

We have all seen the ads in magazines offering online degrees from some vague and mysterious "universities". Even if their name as the University of Sing Sing doesn't immediately put us offer, their offers of not attending any classes should cause us to pause for a moment. Other signs of an online degree scam include a "school" that doesn't care about your academic record but wants your MasterCard or Visa number for their records. Their only admission requirement is that you fax or mail them a copy of your c.

v. or resume for their review. Another indication that there might be a lack of legitimacy is that they promise you a degree in 30 days.

What the heck are you going to learn in 30 days? Nothing. But that is what your online degree will be worth as well from this "institution" of higher learning. Warning bells should go off as well if the online degree is priced at an extremely low cost or for a lump sum of a couple of thousand dollars. First of all you know that even an undergraduate degree at any regular university will cost you at least $30,000 to $50,000 a year so what exactly do you think you will get for a few grand? In addition colleges or universities seldom offer flat rate fees. They normally charge a set fee per course or credit plus any associated costs. Don't settle for less when you can get and deserve more much more.

Reputable online degree programs offer you the real opportunity to learn in your subject area of choice and at the end of the day you want you and your family to benefit from your studies. Avoid the online degree con artists and choose a school and a program that will give you an accredited online degree that you cannot only hang on the wall but take to the bank as well. Take advantage of the online opportunities to improve yourself and your earning power. The United States Bureau of Labor estimates that you will have the opportunity to dramatically improve your salary by acquiring an online degree through a distance learning program, up to $10,000 a year for people who complete an online MBA program.

Online learning is a great way to gain new skills and improve your future. Just make sure that the program you enter will be of maximum benefit to you and not just to some paper degree granter sitting in their parent's basement. Be informed and get the education and online degree that will fulfill your dreams. .

By: Ryan Larson

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