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Possible Future Warfare Technologies

Recently a gentle man had asked me is there anything that the US Military does not have in their arsenal that they may need in the future? He indicated that the US Military had all the weapons they would ever need. One has to laugh at such a statement as once a US Patent Office Bureaucrat had said; "Everything that will ever be invented has already been invented" and this was back about 100 years ago. Can you imagine if we had remained stagnant and the human race had never invented another new innovation?.So, I spend about 15 minutes and came up with some items that the US Military will need in the future but does not currently have. All I can think is what if I had given myself 2-hours of solid thinking on this concept?.

1.) Aerial Grid Defense System.2.

) Anti-gravity Systems.3.) Biological Defense Net.4.) Migratory Bird Electromagnet steering directional capability.5.

) A defendable border.6.) Instant detection of Nuclear Weapons at all points of entry.7.) A jet fighter which can go from turned off to 10,000 feet in three minutes.

8.) Scram Jet.9.) Fully Robotic Tanks.

10.) Self driving convoys.11.

) Ships which fly.12.) Flying Submarines.13.) Flying, steerable Hand grenades.

14.) Clones.15.) CIA Androids.

16.) high-altitude ICBM Defense net.17.) Tunneling robotic delivery systems.18.) Invisible craft.

19.) Time travel.20.

) Earthquake maker.21.) Typhoon Generator.22.) Tsunami Defense system.23.

) Human Love Generator.24.) Holographic Projection.24.) Human Hibernation Machine.25.

) Earth Calamity Sun Spot system.26.) IQ enhancement machine.

27.) Fear Reduction Device.28.) DNA handheld instant diagnosis device.29.

) AUV tunneling robot for hiding.30.) Goo Defense system.31.) Space Debris Collector to protect satellites.

32.) VLA on the moon listening device.33.) Electromagnetic Energy Collection Device to shoot asteroids down.

34.) Mind to mind thought transfer.35.

) Enemy mind reading machine.36.) Locust inciting unit.

37.) Good insect repellant.38.) 1-mile away directional stun gun.39.

) Animal mind communication.40.) Dolphin memory download.41.) Tornado maker.42.

) Visual pixel disruption for enemy equipment.43.) Nuclear explosion reverser.44.) Nuclear material to lead maker.

45.) complete weather control.46.

) Incoming bullet eliminator.47.) steerable small arms bullets.48.

) Sound cloaking.49.) Thermal human non-registering uniform.

50.) cure for cancer.51.) Trackable money system.52.) complete trackable cargo system.

53.) truth making machine for detainees.54.) Nano-Carbon Tube windshields.55.) Tanks which run on water.

56.) Planetary defense system.57.) Robotic Camels.

58.) Cactus tree sensors.59.) Flying cars.60.

) Force Fields.61.) Invisible helicopters.63.

) Helicopters which are safe.64.) Helicopters which last forever.65.

) Helicopters which make no noise.66.) Aerial refueling blimps for UAVs.67.

) Aerostats which can fly in heavy winds.68.) Solar Aircraft which can fly indefinitely.

69.) Communication hand held devices which use no batteries.70.) Human modification to reduce food consumption and waste.71.) Skin regeneration.

72.) Limb regeneration.73.) Underground seeing devices.74.) Satellite police.

75.) UAVs with organic brains.76.) UAVs which can turn 25 g's.

77.) VTOL UAV which can go supersonic.78.) Vision Systems to see energy and communication waves.79.

) 360 degree night vision situational recording devices.80.) Dream training systems.81.) Common Cockpit devices so every man can use every machine.82.

) Self making materials.84.) Airport noise elimination systems.85.

) UAVs which fly in contrails and use CO2 for fuel.86.) Traction Beams for space collection.

87.) Gravity anchors.88.) Safe wireless energy transfer.

89.) life extension.90.) Humvees with proper armor which do not tip over due to weight.

91.) Cargo Aircraft that are VTOL and efficient.92.) Zapping unit which zaps person who gives away classified info.93.

) Trash robots to learn secrets.94.) ionic disassembly unit.

95.) High-energy Laser return instant deployment mirror.96.) Pre-cognition warning system.

97.) AI which can tell a joke or decipher one.98.) Non-linear mathematical atomic spin simulation computer for quantum computing and de-coding.

99.) Natural Motion Ship Hulls.100.) Spherical bouncing robots.

101.) Human lying identification handheld device.But hey, don't worry scientists are probably working on them, I thought. But in all kidding aside.

You know really, I just sat down and wrote these. There must have 300-400 new concepts listed on my website and I get more each day. So finding something the US Military needs is not too hard. What they really need is a public, which supports our military to the fullest and which is not so caught up in liberalism that they understand the need for such. We are talking about humans here and our civilization and the future of our species has always been about strength. Until that changes, we need to be pressing on.

Think on this.

."Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; http://www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs/.

By: Lance Winslow

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