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Plus Size JeansFinding The Cut Thats Right For You

A full-bodied woman must have large size jeans in her closet as part of her casual wear outfits. Today they come in assorted designs, measurements, and shades. These days, larger women have a great many options, just like their slimmer sisters do. We know that there are well proportioned big females with widely varying leg lengths. Nowadays, fortunately, you can find a pair of denim trousers that have been made with precisely the right fit for you. Today there are jeans out there for every body shape and type.

Take stock of your shape before you go shopping. Knowing what you want to accentuate and what you want to camouflage will make your experience more positive. Accept what you have and play up what you like about yourself.

Erase the negative thoughts from your mind. Everyone has things they like and dislike about their bodies. Plus size jeans vary from brand to brand but in general they can be found in sizes 14 through 28. A plus size 14 is similar in size to a regular size 16. Plus size jeans come in 'misses' cuts as well as 'junior' cuts. A 'misses' size has a relaxed fit to the leg and is wide throughout the hip area.

This cut sits higher in the waist area than does the 'junior' cut of jeans. On the other hand the 'junior' cut is snugger and form fitting in the leg and sits low on the waist. This cut of jean is narrower in the hip region.

Full-figured women would be well advised to try on both cuts of jeans and then decide which looks better, feels better and makes you look the best. Model the jeans for yourself in a full-length mirror or a three-way mirror and check your body out from many different angles. You have to be completely satisfied with the look of the jeans before you decide to buy. Boot cut jeans tend to be a favorite choice for full figured women who are pear shaped.

A pear shaped body is one that is biggest in the middle section, which runs from the lower half of the stomach to the upper portion of the thighs. Boot cut jeans have a slight flare at the bottom and take emphasis away from the longer half of the body, which is what you want. Pair your boot cut jeans with platform shoes or shoes with a bit of a heel, as opposed to flat heeled shoes. Avoid tapered jeans if you are a plus size woman as these types will only emphasis the parts of your body you least like. Tapered jeans and pants are best left for extremely skinny gals.

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