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Organic Insect Design For LongLife and a Million Year Evolutionary Run

If mankind capable of bettering the efforts of what some creationists call god; that is to say can we become our own god? It appears that time is rapidly approaching, as we are already doing modification of our own species thru augmentation and super drugs which change what we are thru working with DNA and RNA's levers using chemicals to change proteins and enzymes. As we learn how to modify our DNA and the DNA codes of other species we will get closer to becoming our own god? Bio-Tech is moving forward that fast right now in the present period.Can mankind better the efforts of millions of years of evolution in this way? Can we implement robotic parts into other species and change their DNA codes also? Yes, all this and more would be possible. We have already kind of figured out that humankind is not the best model for living on the hostile Earth's surface with our soft shells. But could we design our predecessor top of the food chain niche species, which could survive Global Warming, Global Cooling and Ice Ages too? One, which could live thru erratic behavior of the Sun's fury and Super Solar Discharge Cycles? One, which could withstand Super Plume volcanic activity covering the Earth with brimstone and fire? A species, which will still be here after a Comet Strike, which kills most all living species?.Indeed those are some tough criteria aren't they? Yes they are and thus the challenge to create a species from all of our possible DNA here on Earth and use those building blocks to design such a species maybe a worthy pursuit.

But what would your best design scenarios be? Well, let me give you one proposal I have.The organic design I propose would be part fish, part grasshopper, part scorpion, part lobster with a hard shell and a protective stinger. It would be the size of a rabbit and store its processed energy from intake in the form of chemicals in its belly.

It would be highly intelligent and able to hibernate for years on end if necessary. It would learn, think and observe like a human. It would have strong legs like a grasshopper with webbing to glide or fly if necessary for short distances or to accelerate out of danger. Its eyes would be complex eyes, which could see 360 degrees.It would be flat on the bottom and could turn on it chemicals in its belly to heat it up if needed or become bright for communication to other members of its species or ward off and warn predators that it was ready to fight.

The flat bottom would act as an inflatable surface for fast and rapid climb to the surface of the water if necessary, while also acting as an airbag and air cushion brake for landing. The legs of the creature would have muscles encased in a hard shell to protect them.It would be cold blooded and warm blooded with increased platelet counts to rapidly survive injuries. The stinger would stay wrapped like a scorpion to protect its underbelly and also serve as a hook and like a lobster it would re-grow its body parts rapidly.

The brightness of the chemicals when activated in its underbelly would show the most efficient member of the species in creating the powering chemicals, which act as an organic battery of sorts. The brighter the color of the underbelly when activated the greater the desire for a mate, thus insuring the survival of the most efficient and fittest. Have you ever thought about the variety of species on Earth and how they evolved and how we evolved along side of them and survived? Think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow

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