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Offensive Swarm Deformation When Under Defensive Barrage Fire

When using robotic artificial intelligent war fighters of the future swarming strategies will indeed continue to rule the modern battlespace. Yet if we consider the possibilities of future tactics and computer thinking and adapting units we must consider the programming requirements of evasion, attack, deformation and realignment of the swarm.A good swarming strategy while under a barrage of fire would be one which would confuse the incoming weapon systems into believing that the target has changed, the direction of the swarm has changed or it is mutating into something else.

Allowing for a pausing of the defense system's computers to counter act the swarm attack. Thus allowing time to move the swarm units closer to the target to ultimately overwhelm the enemy.There are a number of waves to draw fire and lead defense weapons systems to re-plot false trajectories and it is much easier to confuse the enemy when attacking by swarm using random patters of deformation.

Thus the target choosing algorithms pick targets which appear to be closing in first or can do the most damage to its systems, when in reality many decoy, suicide bots and incoming erratic maneuvering scouts draw fire, while the ever approaching main body of the swarm moves closer.In deformation strategies it is recommended to use false arches, vortex snake patterns, mini-swarm switch back, and triangular automata methematica patterns on the way into the target as the barrage of swarming defense ordinance is launched and to re-unite in multiple packs or killing mini-swarm configurations and plot trajectories to other targets in which you have no actual desire to take out. Then re-unite during the final convergence of the target. How do I know this? Well, I see so many flaws in the Chinese swarm theory and their military's plans to use it on a more sophisticated and better-readied adversary.Indeed they can afford to lose more, as they have more, yet in the end if you lose all then you have gained nothing and to the Chinese and their chess strategies, I say to you; if nothing is nothing, then how can something be anything if it merely leads you to the same.

You see destiny is something not to be taken lightly and to that point, underestimation of those who study the game and the insects which invented swarm theory; well, lets just say they know where the human applications differ since the tasks and goals are unique to make haste into waste and domes into bowls. Be well.

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By: Lance Winslow

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