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NanoTech Trends and Predictions

In 2005 we saw some real progress in NanoTech Research and apparently all that venture capital money rolling in is really starting to pay off. The many University and small entrepreneurial start-ups are indeed showing the true spirit of ingenuity and innovative talent. We have seen huge advances in many areas through NanoTech solutions such as; extended battery performance for hand held personal tech devices, hybrid cars and back-up power sources. We have also seen incredible solar cell efficiency increases both in performance and less cost to build, thus helping solar become a sensible option.

In Nano self assembly we have seen potential for medicine, material creation, bonding materials, virus control and even in body sensors to detect problems and even ways to fight and cure cancer by attacking or isolating specific areas of cells.As 2006 rolls into full swing we will see more monies come into play to bring these applications to market and additional research and development in the areas of coatings, new materials, vaccine growth, artery cleaning nano devices, filtration, environmental remediation using membranes and color changing surveillance warning systems which will tell us of the presence of leaking gas, radiation, biological weapons, explosive material or chemical plumes on a person moving thru a check point. So 2006 will be a very interesting and fast paced year for Nano Technological advance, count on it and think about it.

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By: Lance Winslow

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