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Learn To Type By Playing Typing Games

Learning to type is not difficult at all. Note: I did not say that it's easy to learn to type. Learning how to type takes time and practice. But once you learn typing and you practice typing for some type, you'll master great typing skills and as time goes on, you'll find yourself typing with all the greater typing speed. Got it? Touch typing is not difficult.

You can certainly do it. What is touch typing? Typing "blindly", by not looking at the keyboard and your fingers, is called "touch-typing." Why? Because you type with the sense of touch; you touch the keyboard and you type. You do not type with the sense of vision, because you do not look with your eyes at the keyboard. Your eyes just look at the manuscript, or on the computer screen. But, who said that you must learn-to-type the hard way? Actually you can have a lot of fun while learning to type.

First, there are great typing tutor software that will teach you typing with many different kinds of activities, and some are really great fun to use. Furthermore: most typing-tutors will offer typing games too, so you'll have a great time enjoying yourself with keyboarding games (typing-games), while learning to type! You don't even have to own a "typing-tutor" in order to play typing games. This - for 2 reasons.

First, you can learn to type online with online typing services; they might offer typing lessons, as well as great typing speed games. Second, you can get a stand alone typing game program, which is not a full-featured typing tutor program. But, why would you want to do this? You can buy for a great low price a full-blown typing program, which is both a typing-tutor program *and* also includes typing-games as part of the keyboarding activities and typing practice. So, bottom line, what is my suggestion? My best piece of advise is: go for a great typing tutor program, which has both typing lessons (and typing tests an exercises) and also typing and keyboarding games. This way, you'll have all in one. Or - here's another option: learn to type online with an on-line typing tutor service.

Make sure you get access (for a low monthly fee) to online typing lessons, online typing tests and online typing games. Good luck with your typing games! And of course, don't forget to visit me at w ww.online-typing-tutors-town.com/typing-games.

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By: Jacob Surkis

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