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Laser Light Vibrational Signals to Incite Bugs to Help in Warfare

Many species in the insect kingdom use vibrational signals in the extremely low frequency range to contact each other and alert them to where they are. They do this for mating reasons and for warning signals. Scientists have studied these ELF vibrational signals using laser light in a certain spectrum and they show up clears as day like ripples in a pond. If we can stir up all the insects near an enemy's position then they will be kept busy swatting away bugs while we advance on their position giving us an unfair advantage.

Indeed depending on the type of regional insect this technique and tactic could be very useful. For instance Locusts, Hornets nests, Beehives all come to mind. Yet there are many pugs, which are such a nuisance that just their presence would distract the enemy immensely.

Insects like Mosquitoes, fire ants and nats are completely problematic for someone trying to keep you in their gun sites. Of course if you could start a locust swarm or Locust Plague on a column of troops coming your way, you effectively stop the entire convoy and then attack a disarrayed group which was so busy, flustered and frustrated trying to fight off the locust that they would not be able to fight you much at all.We know locusts have legs with little hairs on them that pick up the tiniest vibrations and may even be set into motion by Earth crust movements. We should be able to control them or get them into such a swarming mode during certain times of the year and breeding season. Anyway think on this and see what you come up with.

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By: Lance Winslow

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