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Improving Personal Social Development for Young People APreEmptive Strike on Behavioural Issues

It has always been societies' responsibility to guide, nurture, educate and develop the fullest potential of every one of its youngest members. The primary responsibility for this has traditionally fallen to families yet, due to the increasing breakdown of the family unit this is not the case for many young people in today's society. Coupled with the diminishing impact of traditional ideologies in shaping young peoples actions and choices, it has now become imperative for teachers and trainers to devise an alternative way of meeting the personal and social development needs of young people.

Causes of Personal and Social Development degeneration. These fundamental changes in society have led many young people to experience low self-esteem, lack confidence, possess limited social skills, and believe they have little or no hope for the future. This can often lead into a downward spiral of behavioural problems and social disenfranchisement. Until we begin to address these root causes, by instead nurturing in our young people a healthy sense of identity, assist them in feeling good about themselves, give them tools, confidence and a genuine hope for the future - these personal and social behavioural issues will only continue. Solutions: Empowering Young people and informing teachers and trainers. This is why this current climate has resulted in the need to devise a new framework that takes pre-emptive action to empower young people to learn how to think, and construct a personal belief system that will drive responsible choice and action.

'I'm so glad that somebody has expressed the need to change the way we educate our future' ~ Gonul Hussein, YMCA Training. This can be accomplished by: . . . Using forward thinking models of teaching and developing ground breaking resources that provide personal and social development lesson plans. .

. Interactive games and discussions - infused with fun - which result in effective and meaningful socialisation and communication. These include social interactive games sometimes called brain breaks or brain gym which improve learning by integrating physical activities into the learning processes. They have been proven to increase memory retention and student involvement and participation. . .

Forums where young people can voice it! and be genuinely listened to, maximise the student's enjoyment, attention and desire to engage in the learning. . This results in improving young peoples self esteem and a maximisation of the learning experience - with the power to ground life choices in personal experience rather than a prescribed formulae devoid of personal verification through life experience or thoughtful engagement.

Supporting Teachers, trainers and Youth Workers. Schools, charities and youth organisations - places where many young people have contact and turn to for support, have assumed a pivotal role as the current providers of personal and social development for today's youth. In order to support teachers, trainers and youth workers in this evolving role it is clearly essential that they receive the necessary resources and tools - resources that are accessible and fully meet the needs of the young people but also those of the professionals working in this challenging field. Marisa Rowe, co-director of the Voice it! Project said, 'It is important to listen to our educators; their needs and their challenges.

We need to make it easier for them, make it realistic and take some of the pressure off. This is why with the Voice it! resources we include all the physical props and accessories that are needed in order to make the learning interactive, fun and meaningful.'. The Voice it! Project's ground breaking e2e resource The Voice it! Journey, is a fresh, relevant and fun personal and social development programme covering 3 key modules - Equal Opportunities & Diversity, Emotional Literacy & Anger Management and Self Esteem & Life Direction.

Heather Rabone of Stanchester Community School said, 'These resources bridge knowledge and understanding with development of student's attitudes and values, by encouraging them to reflect, discuss and communicate effectively.'. Fired with a passion to inspire and empower, The Voice it! Project works to celebrate and release the free spirit in all of us - finding innovative ways to unlock potential, support creativity and challenge minds. For further information about the project and its innovative range of resources please visit http://www.

voiceit.com Email info@voiceit.com or telephone +44 (0)1935 413335. .

By: Marisa Rowe

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