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HighEnergy Laser Return Instant Deployment Mirror

In the future weapons of war for the human race will be that of high-energy lasers. This is good for many reasons. One of the best reasons is because environmentalists will not have to worry about all those discarded shells and debris left from firing weapons. This means the enemy cannot collect them and melt them down and make other weapons out of them.Additionally the Green Peace Groupies ought to love it because the shells will not leach heavy metals into the enemy's water supplies. But in all seriousness the future of Star Wars weapons will indeed change the face of warfare in the battlespace forever.

And in doing so we will need better counter measures to prevent our enemy from taking out our expensive robotic hardware using high-energy lasers. How so you ask?.By making very tough materials, which can hold up against lasers for split seconds and then immediately put up a mirror of specially made ceramic, diamond or carbon nanotube sheets we can direct the enemies laser.

Re-directing it onto him. Thus the golden rule does apply here in the modern battlespace; "Do not do onto the United States of America, what you would not want to have re-directed to you!" A thought provoking idea indeed and one everyone can come to learn to believe in too. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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