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Handbags and women

Besides diamonds and shoes, handbags are women's best friends. The handbags have several purposes of which two are major. One purpose is as containers of women's very much valued possessions and the other as their fashion statements. It has been shown that handbags are very much used in order to express moods, individuality, style and status and have been one of the earliest requisites for women along history. Along the years the handbag has become quite a compulsory accessory that is very controversial as far as fashion is concerned.

Even if handbags are not really worn too close to the skin their different shapes and styles flatter women's figure by adding or reducing the weight they seem to carry. Handbags have been for a very long time subject to matching with other clothing items such as skirts or shoes. There is a very wide variety of handbags on the market for you to choose from.

You can choose the ones that best complement your figure and match with your outfits. The right handbag that goes with the style you are wearing cab be a very important part of your outfit. Skirts are usually more pretentious and that is why you should pay attention what handbag you wear when wearing a skirt. Also, it is important that your handbag's size matches your outfits. Thus, a large handbag is considered to be quite casual and should only be carried with loose tops or skirts to match.

On the other hand, small bags with shoulder straps are perfect with sun dresses or jeans with close-fitting tops. The clutch handbag is considered to be quite an elegant purse especially if it comes in black. It is also quite easy to match with any type of dresses, skirts, and evening gowns. Keep in mind that dressier handbags should be matched with rather versatile evening wear.

Depending on your figure (although large bags are very much in fashion today) it is recommended that you choose round or square shaped bags if you are slim and tall and bottle shaped purses if you of have a middle height. Also, adjustable handles are very much in fashion and should be adjusted to keep the handbags at the hip or waist line level. Another important thing that you should consider while buying a handbag is the color, which most of the times plays a vital role.

You should choose colors that go with your entire outfits and generally you should buy a bag thinking at specific outfits. It is important that your bag goes with other pieces of the outfit, like the skirt for instance. You don't necessarily need to wear the same color, but a color that matches will say a lot about your style.

You can also carry multi-colored bags when you wear single-colored ou6tfits and the other way around. This will help you acquire a more cheerful look. The handbag material is also of very much importance and you should pay attention to it if you care about having a stylish look.

It is no secret that leather is the all times favorite for the simple reason that it wonderfully goes with any outfit and occasion. However, there are also a few other fabrics that are very much in style today, such as fabric and straw bags.

The handbag is a very important part of a woman's wardrobe and is usually matched with another piece of the outfit, such as the skirt or the shoes.

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