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Discussion on Human ESP

Many believe ESP is possible and each of us has instances of such abilities throughout our lives, some more than others. There are other things the human mind can do which many call paranormal, yet in reality they are most likely very natural and we have these abilities for a reason.You see; ESP and all the rest are possible and most all humans have glimpses of this, although they do it without knowing how it is being done.

If humans are told they cannot do something often it appears that they will accept such suggestive input to their own detriment. You ask; "How can we unlock them again?".Do you have thoughts along this line and if so, what are they? We know that psycho-cybernetics can help an individual do many things.

In sports, business, politics, religion and research. It appears that some humans are stronger than others in this regard and some can even will events to occur. You ask; "Is it more of exercising our brains outside of conventional means?".Well, we know that this organic gray and white matter runs on frequency waves and chemicals from intake, so if you are to modify the brain to "work better" that is where one would start right? And if you wanted to add on memory or improve function you would want the brain to become thicker.

You could do this by tearing down parts and have the biological function heal it back stronger by using waves to heat the brain and induce chemicals to trigger ways to strengthen it. So think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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