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College Reasons You Should Not Go

College has benefits that are always discussed in the media. People comment that if you want to do something with your life you have to go to college because it will give you the greatest opportunities. We all hear the statistics that say if you go to college you make a lot more than a high school graduate over your lifetime. Those things are true but they are not true for everyone. Just as some people benefit from going to college a lot of people do not.College does not guarantee a job or success and if a college graduate is unable to obtain a quality position they will not only have wasted a lot of money and have a lot of loans piled up but they will also have wasted several years of their life.

No one wants to waste four years of their life under the impression that everything will be great after college which is why students need to know if they are making the most productive selection by going to college.If you choose to go to college do several things, pursue scholarships, work as much as you can, and do an internship. Pursuing scholarships will allow you to minimize the amount of loans you will need.

Working while in college will also allow you to minimize loans and doing an internship will give you an edge in the job market.

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By: Andre Bias

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