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Building A Better Organic Insect Using Robotics for Security Purpose

Human Bio-Tech research is at the point that we can start to re-design organic life thru manipulation of DNA, RNA, enzymes and proteins. As our super computers reduce the complexity of the interactions we can readily see how best to modify an organic system for both the benefit of the organic new or modified species and our needs in human civilization. When we look at the best-evolved creatures on the planet, we can see thru direct observation which type of species work best and serve their particular niche.If we modify organic creatures and then give them a leg up on the world by integrating micro-mechanical devices or artificial limbs then the will be able to survive and reproduce, while the strongest of the members of the group with the modification can remain their leader due to superior strength or abilities using their artificial parts. If we took a very strong insect species and modified it by enlarging it to the size of a small animal; cat, rabbit or ground hog, then it would make a great border security organic robot to keep out intruders.

Further modification for long-life would be given to the mechanical enhanced first off edition and the replication thru procreation would be the lesser which would not live as long. A territorial instinct of an insect may prove to be all that is needed to keep them in a certain area and protect it from certain human intruders, which they would attack. Although once in place they would provide a sufficient deterrent and they would not attack humans intruders that much, as there would be none. If the territorial insect robotic units had increased agility trying to get away from them would be futile.

The insects would need to be plant eaters to insure they did not do much more than sting to kill their prey to protect there small colonies which would be spaced out accordingly along a territory 200 miles into Mexico which we decided to take to secure our nation thru such a buffer zone. The insects would mind their own business and be completely fulfilled and protect their domain while simultaneously protecting our borders. Think on this.

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