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Astrology for Artificial Intelligent Androids

Many people very much believe astrology and many believe that this knowledge has served them well. Many people who are astrologically inclined plan their vacations, events and social gatherings or even business deals around the astrological predictions from charts. When an artificial intelligent robotic android is first built, that would be its birthday and thus it would be a Leo, Libra or Sagittarius or one of the other zodiac signs.Therefore for one who believes astrology it would make sense that if you had a robotic artificially intelligent android as a maid for your home you would not ask you to do the dishes with your best china on a day when it might be bad luck.

Additionally, if you're robotic assistant was to walk the dog each day, you might consider walking the dog yourself on a day which is said to be bad luck.Further, if you asked you're robotic assistant artificially intelligent android to detail your car because you had a date, you may wish have your robotic companion do it on a day of good luck. I can tell you that those who believe in the astrology are really into it and will have to figure out a way to mesh artificial life, silicone chip and robotic androids into their belief system to insure that every day is a good day. On the biggest bad luck days you could simply turn your artificially intelligent robotic android off or use that day to charge it up so it will be ripped roaring ready to go with your astrological chart gives you the green light. Consider this in 2006.

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