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Artificial Intelligent Androids Motion and Acceleration

Artificial intelligence systems will be assigned tasks and generally these tasks will be tasks which humans either do not want to do, do not have time to do or are potentially risky or dangerous. When we sat artificially intelligent robotic systems and androids to do our bidding we must consider the amount of time it takes them to complete the job. To increase the productivity artificially intelligent androids in robotic systems must have stability controls and realize when conditions are right they can speed up and when those conditions change that the decision matrix is triggered. If there are stability issues for control or one of the robotic sensors shows a potential problem with tilt, attraction for weight distribution it must slowdown.

For instance considerately robotic warehouse, and in his robotic warehouse there are robotic forklifts; the goal of a robotic warehouse is to save money in labor and to create a tying efficient system. Speed of accomplishing each task is important and in fact paramount. Many of the U.

S. automakers most efficient factories today use robotic systems to pump out as many cars as possible. However, if a palette or part is dropped this can cause chaos in an otherwise perfect system.

Such chaos may trigger an event, which requires a human intervention and thus defeat the purpose of building the system in the first place.In artificially intelligent robotic system or let's look at an android many things occur. In the event of an artificially intelligent android there are issues with stability, balance in any object being carried at the time. If the android turns a corner it could fall over and drop whatever it is carrying. We must understand that any android must learn each time it carries an object, because each object may be different size, weight or shape and thus the previous datasets or even the master datasets may be incorrect for the displacements of internal stability control systems and balances to keep the artificial intelligent robot upright. If each time it artificially intelligent robotic android carries a new object it creates a separate database of how to handle itself with those various sets of objects it can determine the best possible stability control solution with future tasks.

Consider this in 2006.

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