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Are you currently attending or thinking about attending college? This can be not only one of the most fun times in your life but a wonderful learning experience also. However more and more students are attending college online and they are no longer going to classes on the main campus. So how do you know when you are ready to start taking classes online an work towards earning a degree from an accredited online college? It is hard to say and there are no hard and fast rules.

A blanket statement like you should be at least 23 before trying to do your college work through an online university is just not true. Therefore since it can be complex this article will introduce a few of the things that you will want to consider and work out to know if you are ready for an online degree program form a college.Age.Your age will play a big factor in this. If you are young and going to college for your first time and can afford the time and finances of living on campus in the dorms or close to the campus then this is something you should take advantage of. There is so much more to be learned while away at college then just lectures, notes and tests.

Part of the learning that occurs at college is what I call reality learning. You learn what life is really like and how to win at the game. However on the opposite side of the spectrum the older you get the better an online program in any field might be.

With the time constraints of being a professional and trying to manage a degree program can be quite a challenge. Thus an online degree program might be better suited for your time constraints.Of course neither of these is a hard fast rule but merely suggestions of thing you will want to think about.Goals.What you goals are for college can have a great effect on choosing to attend a traditional college or an online college program. For example if you are working on your Bachelors degree it is often easier to attend a traditional college.

However, if you are working on an advanced degree like a masters or doctoral program then an online college might be a better choice. Also your goals for how quickly you want to complete the program can effect which college type is right for you. One other thing to consider is how defined your goals are. If you are planning on attending college for the first time and not sure what you major will be then an online program is not a good choice. In this case a traditional college where you attended classes and take a lot of general education requirements is probably a better choice.

This will help you in making the decision about what you want to major in. Online colleges work well for students that already have the major chosen and know the field they want to work in.Ambition / Motivation.How ambitious and motivated you are about attending college can be another factor to consider when choosing which type of college is right for you.

If you are a self driven and highly motivated then an online college will fit well into your lifestyle. If you like to procrastinated and are not sure if you want to attend college or not then an online program might not be the best choice. Online colleges work well if you are motivated but it can be easy to fall behind and not complete the course work if you are not a self starter.It is important to take time and think about the different options. Be honest with yourself and where you are at in life and then make the choice carefully.

This will ensure your success in college be it at a traditional college or an online college.

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By: Chris Ryerson

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