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Laser Light Vibrational Signals to Incite Bugs to Help in Warfare - Many species in the insect kingdom use vibrational signals in the extremely low frequency range to contact each other and alert them to where they are.

The Key to Online College Classes Have It Your Way - Never before has online education been more esteemed than today.

Internship Opportunities at Levine Communications - ENTERTAINMENT & PUBLIC RELATIONS INTERNSHIPS AVAILABLE NOW.

Looking For a Rewards Program That Offers Free Money for College Students - With the rising cost of books, tuition and housing, it's no wonder that college students are looking for ways to cash in on anything that can lighten their financial load.

Possible Future Warfare Technologies - Recently a gentle man had asked me is there anything that the US Military does not have in their arsenal that they may need in the future? He indicated that the US Military had all the weapons they would ever need.

Archiving Boundaries for Artificial Intelligence Learning and Observational Data Storage - The sensors being designed for artificial intelligent robotic components, robots and androids are getting more and more sophisticated all the time.

Choosing a College Right For You - College, College, College.

Break Out of the Passive Reading Habit and Get Active - This might sound silly, but there is a ?right? and a ?wrong? way of reading.

Future Politicians Will Use Smart Mobs to Unite Voters and Supporters - In the future Politicians will use smart mob groups and cell phone social networks via instant messaging to unite supporters and rally their voters and once they do you might see whole slates of candidates across the country taking the old boy net.

Empathy is Not Unique to Humans - A debate has been stirring for years over the belief that what set humans apart from all other animals was empathy.

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